Route direction from Valencia, AP-7 to Barcelona

  1. Exit 43, Peniscola, Benicarlo, Vinaros: route1

  2. After leaving the turnpike, you come at a roundabout, take N-340, Vinaros/Tarragona: route2

  3. After 4,5 km take exit Benicarlo/Calig: route3

  4. Below, you take the roundabout three-quarters, to Calig. You're crossing an industrial area and keep heading for Calig: route4

  5. After 5,5 km you reach Calig, immediately turn right into the village: route5

  6. After 150m turn right at the sign Vinaros/Sant Jordi: route6

  7. The street immediately bends left, after 50m you take the hairpin bend to the right leaving the village: route7

  8. After the bridge over a dry riverbed you come at a crossing after 2,2 km . Pay attention at those 2,2 km because it's a small crossing that you notice at the last moment. Turn left here: route8

  9. After 250m you see a sign and arrow 'Mas del Rey' at your right hand, continue another 20m then turn left on the sandy road: route9

  10. A bit further there's another sign 'Mas del Rey'. Turn right here and after 100 meter you are in front of our gate: route10