Group bookings at Mas del Rey

Do you want to book the whole house with friends, family or for a business meeting? There are possibilities all year round. In the summer season this will be subject to the normal prices, outside of these months, we offer a special package. 
The number of people we can receive depends on the composition of the group. In a normal situation, we have an apartment with two double bedrooms and 5 double rooms. Therefore, there is availability for 14 people. In case the group includes children, we can put additional beds in some spacious rooms.

Like this, the capacity can be extended to 18 persons maximum. If you need more privacy for example in case of a business meeting, we have availability for 6 people, each in a private room. 

And the expenses?
The price depends on the composition of the group, the number of nights and the season. Feel free to ask for more information and a proposition.