Social Distancing on Mas del Rey

Since10 years already, Mas del Rey has been positively valued for its welcome, warm atmosphere and for respecting everyone's privacy. The 'Social Distance', though not called like that at the time, has always been something that you could easily dose yourself at Mas del Rey.

In our new reality, 'Social Distance' is a slightly less non-committal concept. Fortunately, at Mas del Rey there is the infrastructure and awareness to take into account the safest possible social distance.
The spaciousness of the rooms, the building, the grounds and the pool terrace actually make it relatively easy to maintain social distance.
With some adjustments we will make it as safe as possible on the Mas.

The extensive breakfast remains available, but not in the former buffet form. Instead, you just order your breakfast and it will be served at your table

The regularly praised three-course menu will still be served three to four times a week. Previously, this happened at the large long table where many animated table discussions arose automatically. The provisional course now is that this will change to: separate small tables (per room), so that people will necessarily have a little more distance between each other.

This way we can offer a pleasant holiday environment where keeping a safe distance is quite easy. Feel at home & safe at Mas del Rey!