Delta of the Ebro

The Delta of the Ebro, less than forty kilometres north of Vinaròs, is a very special area. Here, the wide Ebro river flows into the Mediterranean Sea and has formed a special delta area through the centuries. However, thanks to several controversial engineering interventions the Delta faces major problems: sedimentary sinks because of soil erosion, while the sea level rises. Therefore, it is estimated that in the present circumstances the Ebro delta, which lies just above sea level, still has an existence of only about fifty years.

The Ebro Delta is one of the most important nesting areas for (migratory) birds in Spain. The landscape is dominated by rice fields, lakes and reed, where you can sometimes see groups of flamingos. The beaches are deserted and have nothing to do with other, more crowded Spanish coasts. The southern part towards the salt deposites offers a special view: on one hand you have the Mediterranean Sea and on the other hand, the inland sea. And all in a strip of beach that sometimes doesn't even reach 100 meter width.