What makes Mas del Rey a "Boutique B&B"?

And what exactly is a "Boutique B&B"?
A boutique hotel, according to popular belief is:

  • • a relatively small hotel that usually does not belong to a chain
    • stylish, thanks to the unique interior
    • intimate in terms of atmosphere
    • always a hotel with personal service
This view projected on the term "B&B" is also about the small scale. In the past you used to think of the term B&B mainly as a surplus room in a house, offered for rent during the holiday periods.

B&B Mas del Rey, with 5 spacious rooms and an apartment, is actually more of a country hotel, but without a hotel-like atmosphere. And 'Boutique' in the individuality of each room.

Because guests often only see the common areas and their own room and none of the other rooms, we like to show all kinds of interior elements, decorations, artwork, handmade furniture and lighting in the gallery below.